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8 out of 10 dogs have dental diseases that require veterinary treatments.

Veterinarians thus advise dog owners to brush and monitor the teeth of their dogs, regularly.

Doctor Woofsley guides you in brushing as well as monitoring the effects of brushing.

The winning features of Doctor Woofsley



A Sonic Toothbrush Head that Meets the Highest Standards.



A camera attachment that monitors and records cleaning progress.

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Our cleaning coach, a AI-driven application that verifies cleaning outcomes and detects dental illnesses.

That’s how we roll

Clock. 5 minutes

Scan video

User connects the smartphone with the toothbrush wifi. App assists her in taking well-focused video shots.

Clock. 10 minutes

Send selection

App’s AI provides best candidates to send for the report. The user confirms!

Clock. 60 minutes

Receive report

AI-assisted diagnostic report validated by a doctor is available in the app. *

  • in the alpha release of our software this duration can be up to 24 hours.
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Act on it

Report has actionable items.

What to do later

Hand use smartphone application chat, messanger

Ask it

User can ask pertinent questions to App’s AI

The advantages

The cleaning training is really impressive! It gives me peace of mind to know that this advanced method allows me to avoid harmful residue left behind by traditional ultrasonic dog toothbrushes.

Ingrid Correa

Doctor Woofsley's ability to identify issues early on gives me the assurance that I can avoid potential complications before they become severe.

Alexander Back

Quotation Mark

My furry friend is bouncing with joy and vitality, and I'm also grinning ear-to-ear knowing that I'm keeping him pain-free.

Peter Rudolf

Doctor Woofsley team won prize.

Some insights into Doctor Woofsley

Our team consists of a well-coordinated team of doctors and computer scientists who combine state-of-the-art technologies such as automated image recognition with advances in the medical field to offer the optimal dental care solution for every dog and their owner!

Doctor Woofsley is fully owned by Mainition GmbH & Co KG

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